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銘 柄


獨 家 經 銷

Our winemaking history dates back to 1877 when “Dai-Nihon Yamanashi Budoushu-Gaisha”’ the forerunner of Mercian Corporation, was established, and this marked an epoch in Japanese domestic viticulture.

In 1970, “Chateau Mercian” was born. “Chateau Mercian”, as a genuine successor of history of Japanese viticulture, brought a new rea of Japanese fine winemaking. We hope you enjoy Chateau Mercian, in which you can find Finesse and Elegance, that are brought by the spirit of Japanese soil and climate, grape and delicateness which we have pursued over 130 years.

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  • 2018年首個清酒宴,於1月18號我們再次與美味廚Megan's Kitchen 联合呈獻 富久千代酒造 鍋島清酒晚宴,今次特別為大家酒帶來酒藏新推出的 "鍋島 純米大吟醸 吉川産山田錦",以兵庫縣特A地區被認為是破格的「吉川產山田錦」酒米釀造。
    它在口中瞬間一邊蔓延出甘苦美味滿溢的礦物質感,除後慢慢淡出 優雅的香味。