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杜 氏


安藏 光弘 

Chateau Mercian


ANZO Mitsuhiro (安蔵 光弘) Chateau Mercian Chief Winemaker

The winemaker of Chateau Mercian who inherits a soul of late Mr. Asai Usuke called "the fatherhood of Japanese winemaker". I reside in chateau and Raison of French Bordeaux for 4 years from 2001, and enrolled in the Bordeaux university zymurgy part at the same time. After returning to Japan, I serve as a Chateau Mercian chief winemaker from April, 2015 via a Chateau Mercian quality control section chief and a headquarters quality management division chief.

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  • 2018年首個清酒宴,於1月18號我們再次與美味廚Megan's Kitchen 联合呈獻 富久千代酒造 鍋島清酒晚宴,今次特別為大家酒帶來酒藏新推出的 "鍋島 純米大吟醸 吉川産山田錦",以兵庫縣特A地區被認為是破格的「吉川產山田錦」酒米釀造。
    它在口中瞬間一邊蔓延出甘苦美味滿溢的礦物質感,除後慢慢淡出 優雅的香味。